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SniperHandle.Com didn't invent the assault rifle...
"We Perfected It!"

SniperHandle designs and builds products that enhance the ease of use and safety of AK47 and AR15 rifles.
We firmly believe in making products that are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. We are located in Southern California and although our manufacturing costs are higher we do not pass these higher costs on to our customers. Instead we focus on running a lean operation, lower margins, and using the best materials available combined with the best manufacturing processes. With SniperHandle.Com you get American made quality for the cost of foreign made items. So buy American!
We are excited to announce our newest product "Sniper-Sand", the heaviest "Heavy Sand" currently on the market! "Sniper-Sand" gives the serious benchrest shooter the advantage he is looking for. Our other products include the AK47 ambidextrous thumb safety, index finger actuated magazine release, and the SniperhHandle.Com AR15 muzzle brake 1/2x28 TPI AR15.
Sniper Sand
AK47 Ambidextrous Safety
AR15 Muzzle Brake
AK47 Index Finger Magazine Release
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Sniper-Sand is the heaviest "Heavy-Sand" on the market! Greater density translates to greater resistance to movement and mis-alignment particularly the type of shift or alignment change that occurs during recoil.
Sniper Sand is a proprietary blend of selected materials carefully refined and blended together. There is absolutely no lead used in our blend.

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The operator series Ak47 ambidextrous thumb safety has given the ak47 the ergonomics of the AR15 making it a much more user friendly platform.
This safety is designed for the most common 1mm receivers. It will not work on an AK47 with side scope mounts and underfolder AK47s. We are currently working on a safety for 1.5mm receivers.

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The SniperHandle.Com muzzle brake is an extremely efficient 3 blast chamber design. Built in locking device eliminates the need for crush washers and gunsmith timing issues. Fits AR15 1/2x28 TPI.

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Coming soon, index finger actuated AK-47 magazine quick release.


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